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Before And After All-on-6 Treatment In Albania

All-on-6 In Albania| Complete Mouth Restoration

Do you have damaged or missing teeth due to tooth decay, congenital problems or accidents? It is important not to ignore this problem. It needs to be addressed promptly to prevent further deterioration of dental health, particularly the bones that support the damaged teeth. The most effective solution to restore the smile and the ability to chew in a natural and aesthetic way is dental implants. We specifically recommend All-on-6 treatment in Albania to many of our patients looking for an affordable permanent tooth replacement solution!

What is an All-on-6?

The revolutionary dental technique known as All-on-6 dental implants involves the creation of a comprehensive dental prosthesis, firmly anchored to either the upper (maxilla) or lower (mandible) jawbone using six titanium implants. These implants are strategically positioned along the jaw, integrated into the gum tissue.

The prosthesis consists of an arch that is affixed to the six implants and features artificial gums and dentures made from ceramic or porcelain materials. By successfully addressing bite defects, this orthodontic procedure restores proportion and harmony to the lower face, making it an ideal solution for patients with complete or partial edentulism in one or both jaws, as well as those experiencing extensive tooth deterioration.

The All-on-6 procedure typically involves two sessions spaced approximately four months apart. This interval allows ample time for the implants to integrate seamlessly with the bone and gums. During this period, patients are provided with a temporary prosthesis attached to the implants. The All-on-6 approach eliminates the need for more invasive bone grafting techniques, resulting in a quicker recovery time and lower overall cost compared to alternative implant treatments.

Moreover, the utilization of a bridge with an artificial gum overlay obviates the necessity for post-implant surgeries like a sinus lift. However, if the jawbone is too thin, weak, or compromised, a bone graft may be recommended to reinforce the area before implantation. These grafts typically employ synthetic biocompatible materials to enhance the structural integrity of the implant site.

Unlike traditional dentures, All-on-6 treatment offers a permanent and fixed solution. It eliminates the reliance on adhesives, prevents movement, and ensures durability over the years. While individual damaged teeth can be replaced with conventional dental implants, the All-on-6 system is specifically designed to restore a complete set of upper and/or lower teeth.

In addition, this approach helps to prevent the deterioration of the jawbone, a common consequence when natural or artificial tooth roots are absent. All-on-6 dental implants not only enhance the natural look of your teeth but also ensure a permanent, efficient, and durable chewing experience. This allows patients to enjoy life to the fullest without any limitations. Lastly, it is crucial to address any gum issues before undergoing the surgery, which may involve a gummy smile treatment to resolve such concerns.

All-on-6 vs. All-on-4: What are the differences?

The method of implant dentistry called All-on-6, similar to All-on-4, was first created in the 1990s by a Portuguese dentist named Paulo Malo. It was supported by Nobel Biocare AB, a Swedish company specializing in dental implant manufacturing. This innovative approach has been recognized as a promising alternative to traditional dental implant methods. In Albania, our chosen dental clinics prefer to use Straumann implants, widely regarded as the best quality dental implants on the market.

The All-on-6 procedure involves the placement of six implants evenly distributed along the jawbone to support a fixed bridge. In cases where the jawbone has significant degradation, and accommodating six implants becomes challenging, four implants can be used instead. The fourth implant is anchored at an angle to compensate for the diminished bone structure.

When patients experience extensive tooth loss in either the upper or lower jaw, an All-on-6 implant is typically recommended. This treatment option ensures better distribution of chewing forces and provides a more stable and robust implant. The specific solution, whether All-on-4 or All-on-6, is determined based on the patient's condition and requirements.

How does the All-on-6 work?

There are several options available for individuals who require prosthesis or bridges attached to six implants, depending on the condition of their teeth. In cases where the patient's jawbone is in good health, bone filling or sinus lift procedures may not be necessary. However, if there are missing premolars and the bone condition requires it, a bone filling procedure is recommended prior to the implantation of screw anchors.

The All-on-6 procedure is performed on a strong and healthy jawbone. It involves the strategic placement of six titanium anchors evenly distributed in either the upper or lower jaw, depending on the specific needs of the patient. This ensures a well-balanced distribution of chewing forces, promoting stability and functionality.

A custom-made arch, consisting of artificial gum tissue, is then securely attached to the implants using six titanium screws. The arch is designed to hold 10 to 12 zirconia, ceramic, or porcelain teeth. With proper oral hygiene practices, this fixed bridge can last for at least 10 years and potentially up to 30 years.

By choosing the All-on-6 procedure, patients can achieve a natural and aesthetically pleasing alignment of their teeth. They will experience an improvement in chewing functionality and regain the ability to eat comfortably. It is essential for patients to maintain good dental hygiene in order to ensure the longevity of the prosthesis and enjoy the benefits of the treatment for an extended period of time.

What steps are involved in an All-on-6 implant procedure?

Placement of the six implants

The initial step in establishing an All-on-6 procedure involves preparing the designated area for the placement of six dental implants. To enhance the implants' stability, a potential bone graft may be carried out, followed by a surface treatment involving sandblasting and acid application. These measures aid in promoting effective integration with the surrounding bone tissue. By utilizing an X-ray to assess the condition of the bone and employing digital surgical guidance, the implant specialist will strategically select six distinct anchor points. The placement of these points is carefully designed to maximize the durability and steadiness of the prosthetic arch.

Subsequently, the gums will be incised, and the jawbone will be carefully drilled to accommodate the insertion of titanium implants. These implants will be covered with a recovery cap, which facilitates the integration of screws within the bone and gum environment. The entire procedure is performed under anesthesia, which can be either local or general, depending on the specific case. Following the initial operation, most patients are able to resume their normal lifestyle as early as the following day.

Creation of a temporary prosthesis

In the given session, a dental surgeon will utilize a 3D representation of the treated jawbone to design a custom prosthesis containing a temporary set of teeth. These teeth will be worn by the patient for a span of several months to facilitate the integration of implants with the bone and ensure optimal healing of the gums. This approach ensures that the patient does not have to endure a toothless phase during the recovery process.

Final implantation of the prosthesis

Following a period of 2 to 6 months, when the implants have seamlessly fused with the body and the recovery process has concluded, a subsequent appointment will be scheduled to affix the ultimate prosthesis. This specialized prosthesis will be tailor-made by our prosthetist based on the three-dimensional images obtained during the patient's healing period.

After All-on-6 dental implant surgery

After undergoing the initial session, it is normal for the patient to resume their regular routine and return to work. However, it is advisable to take a day of rest, especially if general anesthesia was administered. Following the procedure, patients may experience some discomfort and mild jaw pain, which is typical for any oral surgery. The dentist will commonly prescribe painkillers, anti-inflammatories (such as paracetamol), and an antibiotic to prevent infection. Additionally, using an antibacterial mouthwash for the week following the surgery is recommended.

In some cases, there might be swelling and bruising in the treated area, but these symptoms should typically subside within a few days. If needed, it may be necessary to schedule a follow-up appointment with the dentist. Certain indicators can help identify potential complications with the dental implant, such as a lack of sensation while brushing or chewing, the presence of bone around the implant visible on an X-ray, or the absence of mobility. Nevertheless, these instances are uncommon. The success rate for post-operative healing with the All-on-6 procedure is nearly 98%, with only a 2% failure rate attributed to implant rejection by the jawbone.

What to eat after All-on-6 implant placement?

Following the placement of an All-on-6, it is highly recommended to adhere to your dentist's dietary guidelines in order to promote proper healing and prevent complications like swelling and bleeding, despite the temptation of indulging one's sweet tooth. Embracing this opportunity, it's time to embark on a dietary journey!

Phase 1 (1 to 15 days): During this period, focus on consuming liquid or pureed foods such as soups, smoothies, purées, yogurts, compotes, and delicate soufflés. Ensure that the temperature of these items is neither too hot nor too cold.

Phase 2 (15 to 30 days): Soft foods are now permitted. Incorporate pasta, rice, cereals, eggs, fish, finely chopped vegetables, and soft fruits into your diet. Always maintain a moderate temperature when consuming these foods.

During the third phase, which typically lasts for 30 to 60 days, we reintroduce tender meats and thoroughly cooked vegetables into the diet. Feel free to indulge in flavorful dishes prepared in the oven, savoring the delights of good food.

Phase 4 (60 days and beyond): You can gradually resume chewing at a moderate pace, and the dietary restrictions are no longer mandatory. However, it is important to avoid immediately consuming hard foods to ensure a smooth transition.

To resume your regular eating habits, it is important to wait until the final fitting of your personalized All-on-6, which usually happens 3 to 6 months after the implant surgery. Once that milestone is reached, you can relish in a fully unrestricted diet, embracing the joys of life for the next two decades or more. Remember to uphold excellent oral hygiene practices and schedule regular check-ups with your dentist to maintain optimal dental health.

Advantages and disadvantages of All-on-6 dental implants


The All-on-6 procedure offers incredible possibilities for restoring your smile, ensuring not only its beauty but also providing a durable, comfortable, and fully functional set of teeth that look completely natural. By opting for all-on-6, you can prevent the deterioration of your jawbone, relish the joy of indulging in any food you desire, and enjoy easy maintenance that surpasses the inconveniences of dentures or bridges. Moreover, this solution is permanent and securely integrated, eliminating the risk of denture mishaps and speech difficulties. Although the initial cost may appear higher, it is a worthwhile investment as alternative options like bridges or dentures often require frequent replacements within a few years.


When considering the downsides, there are a handful of relatively insignificant challenges that can be overcome with some patience. These include the length of the treatment process, the waiting period between implant placement and the final prosthesis, and the dietary restrictions necessary for a smooth integration of the implants.

Why choose Albania for the implementation of All-on-6 treatment?

Affordable All-on-6 dental implant prices

Albaneze clinics like Queen have a special appeal because of their unique qualities. First, they are prestigious for providing high-level services. What sets them apart from other countries, nonetheless, is their ability to offer such services at highly competitive prices. In Albania it is possible to receive treatment equivalent to that offered in other states, but at significantly lower costs.

Compared to countries such as the United States or the United Kingdom, dental clinics in Albania are generally priced at half or less. This convenience factor contributes to Albania's popularity as a preferred destination for international patients seeking dental care. Another notable advantage is the absence of additional costs. Dental clinics in albania favor a transparent approach, allowing only the treatment and directly associated fees to be paid.

In addition, Albania offers an affordable lifestyle, which further increases its attractiveness. You can easily find affordable housing, even in central areas such as Tirana. The city also boasts numerous inexpensive restaurants. Transportation costs within the country, including intercity travel, are relatively low. Notably, some dental clinics even offer free transportation services with private cars and dedicated drivers for patients undergoing extensive treatments.

As a result, getting dental treatment abroad is a hassle-free experience. Although the idea of traveling to another country may initially seem expensive, Albania offers affordable solutions for various aspects such as tickets, lodging, and meals. With reasonable prices for these expenses, Albania offers the opportunity to save extra funds while exploring a new and intriguing destination.

Specialized dentists and implantologists

What distinguishes dentists in Albania? Let's delve into the characteristics that set them apart. Not only are they highly skilled in their craft, but they also possess a remarkable level of familiarity and courtesy. Another factor that characterizes them and makes them truly exceptional is their bilingualism. Whether you are German, Italian, French, Greek, Spanish, or any other nationality, it does not matter: chances are that your dentist will be able to communicate with you in your native language.

Such a provision may seem rare, but for these dentists who have pursued their studies and specialized abroad, it is a common feature. Their linguistic versatility is truly surprising; they can communicate proficiently in numerous languages, quite possibly including your own. By employing their personal skills, which extend beyond their professional expertise, they establish a foundation of trust and confidence with their patients.

These dental professionals strive to create effective lines of communication, going out of their way to connect with their patients on a personal level. Now, one might wonder what happens if there is no shared language between the dentist and the patient. In such cases there is no reason to worry, because dental clinics in Albania provide the services of expert translators in at least eight languages. The primary goal of these dentists is to ensure communication is as clear as possible, enabling them to accurately diagnose your problems and provide you with the best possible solutions.

Innovative medical systems

Dentists in Albania have predominantly pursued their training and specialization abroad, which provides them with exposure to international educational systems. As a result of this experience, they have gained knowledge about the latest technologies and incorporated them into their dental clinics. As a result, the provision of dental services maintains a high standard of quality despite relatively lower prices due to factors such as the avoidance of additional costs. These dentists operate with innovative systems that adhere to established medical standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

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All-on-6 dental implants represent an advanced dental solution aimed at replacing an entire upper or lower arch of teeth. The procedure involves the surgical placement of six titanium posts into the jawbone, which serve as a foundation for attaching artificial teeth. These implants offer exceptional strength and stability, ensuring long-lasting results when proper care is taken.

Albania is an ideal choice for various dental treatments, including All-on-6 dental implants. The country boasts a large number of highly qualified dentists who are world-renowned for their expertise. In addition, Albania is home to state-of-the-art facilities that meet international standards, with top clinics earning high GCR scores, ensuring the delivery of top-notch care throughout the dental journey.

What's more, Albania offers a significant cost advantage. Compared to countries such as the United States or Australia, the cost of All-on-6 dental implants in Albania is significantly lower. This affordability factor makes Albania an attractive option for those seeking this innovative dental solution.

Albania offers a wide range of dental procedures to meet a variety of needs, including cosmetic dentistry and surgery. Our clinic offers a range of specialized dental services, including dental implants, crowns, Hollywood smile makeovers, veneers, as well as routine dental care such as examinations, x-rays, imaging, and cavity fillings. We also provide specialized treatments such as oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, and children's dentistry.

We often receive inquiries from our patients regarding the cost of all-on-6 dental implants. While the exact pricing may vary depending on factors such as the specific procedures required, the brand of implants used, and the type of prosthesis chosen, all-on-6 dental implants are generally more affordable compared to traditional implant methods.

Albania offers a more cost-effective option for All-on-6 treatment than European countries, mainly because the government encourages medical tourism. For detailed information on the cost of All-on-6 dental implants and the availability of cost-effective options in our clinic, please contact us. We are here to answer all your questions and assist you accordingly.