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Before And After Eyelid Reduction In Turkey

Eyelid Reduction - Blepharoplasty In Turkey

With eyelid surgery in Turkey, you are able to restore the youth and attractiveness of your eye area. Queen Clinic provides high-quality eyelid surgery operations at affordable costs. Eyelid surgery, commonly referred to as blepharoplasty, can improve the look of drooping eyelids, under-eye bags, and droopy skin. Our clinic in Turkey delivers exceptional outcomes because of highly skilled surgeons, cutting-edge facilities, and a specialized methodology. Discover the transformational impact of eyelid surgery in Turkey and give your eyes a youthful, renewed appearance. Take the first step towards eye rejuvenation by getting in touch with us right now for a consultation.

What is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty is a cosmetic procedure that removes extra skin from the upper and lower eyelids. Eyelids stretch with age, and the muscles that support them weaken. As a result, extra skin and fat might accumulate above and below your eyes. Sagging brows, droopy upper lids, and bags beneath the eyes might result from this.

Aside from aging, significantly drooping skin around the eyes can impair peripheral vision, particularly in the top and outer areas of the visual field. These eyesight impairments can be reduced or eliminated by blepharoplasty. The procedure may also make the eyes appear younger and more attentive.

Why do people have it?

Upper eyelids that are baggy or droopy may benefit from blepharoplasty:

  • Excess upper eyelid skin that partially restricts peripheral vision
  • Skin excess on the lower eyelids
  • Bags behind the eyes
  • Blepharoplasty can be combined with other procedures such as brow lifts, face lifts, or skin resurfacing.

Why should you choose us for your Blepharoplasty?

There are various reasons why our facility stands apart from the crowd when it comes to blepharoplasty or eyelid surgery. Our team consists of highly competent and board-certified plastic surgeons that specialize in blepharoplasty treatments that will provide you wit the best results possible. They are well-versed in eyelid anatomy and can address particular issues including drooping eyelids, under-eye bags, and extra skin with accuracy and creativity.

Second, Queen Clinic is dedicated to tailoring your therapy to your specific needs. The patients' needs differ from one another and we design the procedure to fit your specific needs.

Due to the modern equipment that we provide and the acknowledgment of our staff, we can ensure you will get the best results and a smooth process without any issues. Your safety is also a top priority at our clinic.

By picking our blepharoplasty clinic in Turkey, you can be confident that you are in the hands of a devoted team of experts committed to delivering remarkable results. Contact us immediately to set up a consultation and begin the process of revitalizing your appearance and obtaining the youthful, revitalized appearance you seek.

What are the benefits of Blepharoplasty?

Look Younger

One of the most popular reasons individuals seek eyelid surgery is to seem younger. Our eyelid skin is frequently one of the first places where we detect indications of aging as we get older. As the skin loses elastic fibers and collagen levels decline, it can cause sagging and drooping, leading to issues and an older look over time. While this happens to everyone, certain people may be more prone to sagging or drooping eyelids. Upper eyelid surgery, which is sometimes paired with ptosis surgery, addresses the condition and provides a more youthful appearance.

Look Less Tired

One of the most common reasons individuals seek eyelid surgery is because they seem weary. Eyelid heaviness and the presence of eyebags generally give you a drained and run-down appearance. This causes your eyes to seem closed, making you appear sleepy and exhausted. Patients are typically pleased with the results of blepharoplasty, with many complimenting on how well-rested and rejuvenated they seem.

Boost your confidence

Eyelid surgery may be the answer if your appearance causes you to feel self-conscious or dissatisfied with the appearance of your eyes. Many patients claim that the operation changed their lives, making them happier and more self-assured as a result.

A More Refined Forehead

Those whose upper eyelids are impairing their field of vision may frequently need to lift their eyebrows. Lifting the forehead frequently causes deep lines and wrinkles, which make us look older. After the upper eyelid surgery, the additional weight has been eliminated, so you no longer need to raise your brows to see well. Additionally, this may aid in preventing the appearance of wrinkles as well!

Improve visual impairments

The skin on the top eyelids that is sagging in certain persons might impair vision. This occurs as a result of skin blocking the vision field, making it challenging to do routine daily tasks. This treatment also improves eyesight and helps eliminate any issues regarding this.

Minimal signs of scarring

In comparison to other cosmetic treatments for the face, blepharoplasty leaves very little, barely noticeable scars. The incisions are skillfully done and blend in with the skin's natural wrinkles and lash lines for the patient's secrecy and they will have the choice to confide this information to others, depending on what they wish. The "crow's feet" region often only has a little scar that extends a few millimeters into it.

Long-lasting results

For fatigued eyes, blepharoplasty offers a lasting treatment. The majority of patients won't feel the need to return for a second surgery because the effects are long-lasting. The aging process will undoubtedly continue, and individual responses may differ. A properly executed blepharoplasty operation should, however, last between 10-15 years in the majority of patients.

Fewer misunderstandings

It might be upsetting to be misinterpreted due to our natural look because our eyes play an important role in how others perceive our expressions and interact with us. It might create some unpleasant situations if your eyes give off a feeling that you are tired, angry, or irritated when you are not. By making you seem friendlier and more approachable to others, upper and lower lifts of the eyelids can help you enhance the way you look and social interactions.

Are there any side effects and risks?

Like any surgical treatment, eyelid surgery has some risks. These risks need to be considered even if they are uncommon. Infection and bleeding are two potential side effects that might happen during surgery. With regard to eyelid surgery specifically, there is a potential of developing dry, itchy eyes, having trouble shutting your eyes, or having additional eyelid issues.

Additionally, possible dangers include skin discoloration, noticeable scarring, and damage to the eye muscles. Even though it is very unusual to lose vision, there is also a chance of temporary blurriness. In some circumstances, an additional procedure can be required. Speaking with a knowledgeable surgeon who can provide individualized information about the advantages and disadvantages of having your eyelids operated on is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Surgery for blepharoplasty requires just minimal preparation. In contrast, it is advised that you stop taking any blood-thinning medications, including aspirin or ibuprofen, two weeks before surgery if you can do so.

No, even if you are awake, you shouldn't feel any of the actual procedure since you will receive a local anesthetic injection shortly before the process. The eyelids may first hurt or feel itchy, but after the injection, they will go numb.

The surgery is not considered painful, but if there is any discomfort pain killer medicine is provided to you. The eyelids can feel sore and painful but this will pass with time as it is considered a normal side effect. The doctor can also advise you to use lubrification eye drops several times during the day if your eyes start to feel dry.