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Before And After Rhinoplasty In Turkey

Rhinoplasty In Turkey – Nose Reshaping & Reconstruction

Though a nose job is quite a fragile intervention, rhinoplasty in Turkey is, no doubt, the most chosen facial aesthetic surgery, seeing as plastic surgeons have a sole goal: the performance of predictable results that will last for a lifetime.

What is Rhinoplasty?

A rhinoplasty surgery aims to reshape, correct, and reconstruct the nose in order to reach a much more naturally looking and aesthetically pleasing proportion and improve one’s physical appearance.

The nose development only reaches its final peak after puberty, being fully complete by the age of 16. This establishes the youngest age at which one can undergo rhinoplasty. Though the procedure is the most commonly conducted for aesthetic reasons, a nose job can also be performed to enhance functional matters like correcting breathing issues or alleviating the symptoms of sleep apnoea and snoring. In such instances, the surgeon is highly likely to be performing on the turbinate or septum which are obstructing the airway, known medically as a septoplasty or submucous resection.

Why do people have it?

For numerous folks, be it female or male, the shape and size of their nose can be a source of insecurity and unhappiness. A nose job or rhinoplasty can help elevate the way they feel about themselves regarding their looks and affect their self-confidence by increasing not only it but also their overall levels of happiness.

A nose job can additionally enhance a range of medical conditions, by, for instance, alleviating the signs of sleep apnoea, or correcting breathing issues. It does not matter if it is for medical or cosmetic reasons, a rhinoplasty surgery is the most successful and instant corrective surgery in such instances.

What are the benefits of Rhinoplasty?

There is a wide range and variety of the benefits of a nose job. Some of them can be reached via close rhinoplasty, others however can only be achieved via an open rhinoplasty procedure. Your surgeon will be the one advising you on which technique is best for you to aid you in achieving your objectives.

  • Rise or reduce the size of the nose
  • Render the nostrils a refreshed shape
  • Lower the nasal tip
  • Lower the bridge
  • Improve the symmetry and harmony between other facial characteristics 
  • Have a positive effect on your overall facial aesthetic
  • Rectify problems related to a deviated septum
  • Elevate breathing
  • Enhance confidence and self-love

Who is suitable?

The Queen Clinic deems an individual as fit for the surgery if one or all of the following are true:

  • Physically and mentally in good health
  • Concerned about the shape or size of the nose, be it for medical reasons or cosmetic ones
  • Have reasonable expectations of what can be achieved by the procedure
  • In search of correcting an injury or damage that has happened to their nose
  • Loud snoring, sleep apnea or difficulty breathing

What are the options?

The nose is sustained by a skeleton. In its upper third, there is a bony skeleton and in its lower two-thirds, there are nostrils, and flexible cartilages, the same kind we have in our ears. 

Separating the two airways running back from the nostrils, there is yet another sheet of cartilage, sheltered with mucosa, namely the septum. This is a pillar that impedes the cartilaginous part of the nose from breaking down.

Most intervention on a Caucasian nose revolves around size reduction and that is why both the cartilaginous and bony skeleton is reduced, enabling the skin to retract, frequently without any scar.

  • Open rhinoplasty
  • Closed rhinoplasty
  • Septorhinoplasty
  • Rhino-tip surgery
  • The East Asian and African nose augmentation
  • Non-Surgical Or Medical Rhinoplasty

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask A Question

A nose job, or rhinoplasty, is a nose surgery that is customarily made to deal with the functional and aesthetic problems associated with the variety of different nose shapes.

Nose shapes vary. Some of the nose shapes that are commonly addressed by rhinoplasty include:

  • Huge noses, nose tips, or nostrils
  • Huge noses, nose tips, or nostrils
  • Asymmetrical noses, nose tips, or nostrils
  • Bridged noses or bumpy noses
  • Deviated septums

The nose is the focal point of the face and can outline the whole balance of the appearance. Rhinoplasty is capable of addressing a wide range of issues through the technique’s nose reduction and nose contouring properties.

Rhinoplasty is performed with the patient being just asleep under the administration of total intravenous anesthesia, and depending on your needs, the surgeon might do the following:

  • Nose reduction - make the nose look smaller by getting rid of some bone and cartilage. This oftentimes means graveling the bridge of the nose and dividing the nasal bones, where they join the face. The nostrils’ skin does not have the ability to shrink to the same extent as the remainder of the nose and there might be required the reduction of the base of the nostrils or the floor of the nose by removing a wedge of tissue.
  • Nose reshaping - change the shape of the nose via rearrangement or addition to the cartilaginous and bony skeleton.
  • Nose proportions - change the angle between the top lip and the nose.

Differently from what many people think, rhinoplasty does not involve, virtually, any pain after surgery. While there might be some degree of pain or discomfort straight away after the procedure (and most likely some signs including a blocked nose), pain levels will be mild.


If rhinoplasty is conducted with the purpose of fixing a structural condition within the bose that is the cause of issues while breathing, it will undoubtedly help with breathing. This can be problems like nasal obstruction, deformities or scars from a previous injury, or a deviated septum. By resolving these issues, nasal passageways can be broadened and airflow can increase.

Bear in mind that nasal structural deformities do not all cause breathing issues, and an appropriate diagnosis by a pulmonologist or otolaryngologist is necessary prior to undergoing the surgery.

The type of stitches or sutures employed throughout your rhinoplasty surgery will be established by the type of procedure you undergo as well as your surgeon’s favored options. Some sutures are solvable meaning they will dissolve and be absorbed by the body over the course of time. After a particular amount of time, there might be a removal of the other stitches.

Following your surgeon’s guidelines for suture care and removal is vital. It is additionally essential to maintain the region clean and cease engaging in any exercise that could put pressure on the suture or encourage bleeding.

Because of the protrusion and placement of the nose as the face’s reference point, alterations done to it might have an effect on how the face looks as a whole. Yet, the objective of an appropriate rhinoplasty surgery is the achievement of harmony and balance with the remainder of the facial characteristics, rather than making essential changes to the face. 

With the intention of developing a strategy that will help in achieving the desired outcomes while sustaining original proportions and symmetry, an experienced and skilled surgeon will take into consideration your distinct facial proportions alongside the expected results. To make sure that the outcomes are proportional and harmonious with the remainder of the face, they will also take into account your ethnicity, skin type, and age.

Reasonable expectations for the procedure’s outcomes are also of utmost importance.