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I had an abdominoplasty 3 months ago and I am very satisfied with the results. I had a lot of flabby skin and stretch marks from pregnancy and childbirth, and the abdominoplasty removed all that and gave me a flat, toned abdomen. I feel much more confident about my body now.

Hortensia Vaccarino, 20 hours ago

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I am very happy to share my experience at Queen Clinic in Istanbul. I came from Italy to undergo liposuction and could not be more satisfied with the results.

Olga Torelli, 4 days ago

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I had dental implants 6 months ago and I am very satisfied with the results. I had lost some teeth due to gum disease, and the dental implants restored my smile. I feel much more confident now when I smile.

Gerardo Auletta, 6 days ago

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I am very satisfied with the results of my hair transplant. I had been losing my hair for many years and it was starting to affect my self-esteem. I did some research and found a trusted surgeon who performed the procedure. The procedure was quick and painless, and recovery was relatively easy.

Aquilino Presti, 9 days ago

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Before And After Manual FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

Manual FUE Hair Transplant In Turkey

Learn about the superiority of Manual FUE Hair Transplantation at the Queen Clinic in Turkey, where state-of-the-art methods and skilled surgeons combine for exceptional hair restoration. Follicular unit extraction (FUE) by hand is a precise, minimally invasive process renowned for its realistic outcomes. We explore the benefits of Manual FUE, our clinic's famous reputation in cosmetics interventions, and the procedures necessary to complete a successful transplant in this blog. Embark on a journey to regain your confidence and hair with a manual FUE hair transplant in Turkey.

Understanding the FUE Hair Transplant Technique

The Manual FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) method must be understood to fully appreciate the complexities of this cutting-edge hair transplant technology. Manual FUE, in contrast to conventional strip harvesting, entails taking individual hair follicles from the donor region using a specialized punch instrument. With this exact method, scarring is reduced and a more natural hairline is possible. The carefully implanted extracted follicles then provide optimal density and natural integration with existing hair in the recipient location. The manual component of the procedure places a strong emphasis on the surgeon's skillful hands, producing very precise and aesthetic hair restoration.

The Benefits of Manual FUE Hair Transplant

For those thinking about getting a hair transplant, the manual FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) process provides a number of noteworthy advantages. Several benefits are as follows:

Minimal Scarring

Manual FUE removes hair follicles one at a time, leaving behind small, nearly invisible scars. Because there is no linear scar on the donor region, unlike standard strip harvesting, it is a popular method for people who wish to wear shorter haircuts. Understanding the advantages of Manual FUE might help people decide if they want to have a hair transplant. For individuals seeking a reliable and effective hair restoration method, this option presents several enticing advantages. These benefits include:

Results that Look Natural

Manual FUE's accuracy and creative approach enable the development of a natural hairline and overall look. It is challenging to tell the difference between natural and transplanted hair since the transplanted hair blends flawlessly with the existing hair.

Less Pain and Speedier Recovery

Manual FUE is a minimally invasive process that produces less pain and a speedier recovery than conventional techniques. Small punch wounds tend to heal more quickly, allowing people to get back to their normal routines more quickly.

Flexible Donor Area

With Manual FUE, hair follicles may be removed from the scalp, beard, chest, and body, among other body areas. With additional possibilities for those with less scalp donor hair, this adaptability increases the number of available grafts.

Lower Risk of Issues

Because Manual FUE is so exact, there is a lower possibility of issues including infection, hemorrhage, and nerve damage. Individual follicle removal guarantees that the surrounding tissues are unharmed, accelerating recovery and reducing adverse effects.

Long-Term Results

Manual FUE transplanted hair follicles often have a hereditary resistance to hair loss, making them a long-term fix. The newly implanted hair keeps its natural features as it grows and doesn't need any additional maintenance or care.

Individualized CarePersonalized Care

Manual FUE enables a highly personalized method of hair transplantation. Each follicular unit may be carefully chosen and positioned by the surgeon to obtain the appropriate density, orientation, and dispersion, resulting in customized outcomes that satisfy the patient's unique needs.

Confidence Boost

Manual FUE may significantly improve a person's confidence and self-esteem by restoring a thicker head of hair. People may feel more at ease and delighted with their looks because of the outcomes' natural appearance.

The Manual FUE Hair Transplant Process Step-by-Step

Make an appointment for a consultation with one of our skilled hair transplant surgeons beforehand. The surgeon will evaluate your general appropriateness for the surgery, your donor location, and your pattern of hair loss during this consultation. If you are taking any medication you should tell this information to your doctor and he will advise you on what to do. Most of the time you will be advised to stop any medication that will intervene with the procedure for it to not cause any bleeding and to not disturb the healing process.

Any existing medical issues or allergies should be disclosed to your surgeon. In order to ensure optimal health conditions for your treatment, it may be necessary to request the most recent medical tests or evaluations.

In the donor area, keep the hair at an appropriate length. A length of 1-2 mm is often advised for the process to allow for simple extraction. Avoid shaving or cutting the donor region prior to the transplant unless your surgeon will instruct you to.

Before the operation, make sure your scalp is clean and clear of any infections or skin issues. In the days before surgery, take care of your scalp according to your surgeon's instructions.

Make the essential preparations for the procedure's day. Plan your transportation to and from the clinic and confirm the day and time with the clinic. Think about skipping work or other commitments that could be hampered by the healing process.

Aftercare and Recovery Following Manual FUE Hair Transplant

For a successful recovery and the best outcomes following your manual FUE hair transplant, it's crucial to stick to the recommended aftercare guidelines. You will receive detailed instructions for post-procedure care from your surgeon. Instructions on how to wash your hair, apply any recommended drugs or ointments, and steer clear of activities that can impede the healing process may be included in this.

During the healing process, the transplanted region has to be protected. To prevent harming or displacing the freshly implanted follicles, refrain from rubbing or scratching the region excessively. Also, be cautious when combing or styling your hair.

For a few weeks, it is advisable to protect the transplanted region from direct sunlight since sun exposure could interfere with the healing process. Sunburns may prevent the growing process of transplanted hair, so protect the region by wearing a hat or using sunscreen.

It is advised to avoid vigorous sports or activities that might increase blood flow to the scalp in the first few days after the operation. This precaution reduces the possibility of the transplanted follicles becoming loose.

Antibiotics, painkillers, or prescriptions for hair growth are just a few of the drugs that our surgeon could recommend. To track your progress and resolve any issues, keep your follow-up visits and take these drugs as prescribed.

Finally, wait patiently for the outcomes. Initial shedding of the transplanted hair is typical. Within a few months, new hair growth usually starts, and after six to twelve months, noticeable effects can be observed. The results of hair transplants steadily improve with time, so it's essential to set reasonable goals and give the healing and development process time to complete itself.

Choosing Queen Clinic in Turkey for Manual FUE Hair Transplant

Improving hair, self-confidence. We are proud to be the Turkey's number one clinic for those seeking exceptional hair transplants Manual FUE. With our unwavering commitment to excellence, state-of-the-art procedures and personalized approach, we offer you a transformative experience that could rejuvenate your hair and boost your confidence. Here are some facts that distinguish our clinic from others:

The expertise of Renowned Surgeons

Our facility is home to a group of surgeons that are experts in manual FUE hair transplantation and have years of expertise and training. Your treatment will be carried out with the highest accuracy and care thanks to their experience and attentive attention to detail.

Modern Facilities

For you to receive the best treatment possible, we have made investments in innovative equipment and sophisticated facilities. Our advanced instruments and sterile setting offer the ideal conditions for your surgery, fostering safety, comfort, and great results.

Personalized Treatment Plans

We are aware that each person's requirements for hair restoration are distinctive. Our clinic adopts a tailored strategy, customizing treatment regimens to meet your unique needs. In order to develop a personalized approach that delivers long-lasting, natural-looking results, our surgeons carefully examine your hair loss pattern, donor location, and aesthetic goals.

Natural and Undetectable Results

We are committed to providing you with a natural and unnoticeable manual FUE hair transplant that sets us apart from other clinics in Turkey. To provide a flawless integration with your current hair, we precisely transplant individual follicular units using advanced technology and creative expertise. As a consequence, your facial characteristics will complement your repaired hairline.

Emphasis on Patient Care

At Queen Clinic in Turkey, your comfort, health, and contentment are our top priorities. Every step of the procedure will be followed by a team of experienced surgeons that will support you throughout all your way. The environment will be friendly and we ensure you, you will be cared for and heard for every concern you might have.

Choose our facility for your manual FUE hair transplant procedure to get started on the path to getting a fuller, younger-looking head of hair again. To arrange a consultation and begin the process of giving your hair a makeover and regaining your confidence, get in touch with us right now. We'll work together to re-awaken your inner beauty.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Because it depends entirely on the ability and accuracy of the surgeon, manual FUE is different from other hair transplant techniques. Hand-operated hair follicle extraction and transplanting allow for rigorous control and attention to detail throughout the procedure.

Prior to the manual FUE operation, local anesthetic is used to make sure you are comfortable and feel no pain. Although it is typically well tolerated, some patients may experience moderate discomfort during anesthetic administration or fleeting sensations during the extraction procedure.

The quantity of grafts being transplanted determines how long a manual FUE hair transplant takes. Smaller sessions may often be finished in a single day, however, bigger sessions may need numerous sessions spaced out over several days.

The donor region is left with small, dot-shaped scars from manual FUE, which are often less apparent than the linear scars left by other hair transplant procedures like FUT (Follicular Unit Extraction). The scars often heal nicely and are frequently hidden by the hair in the vicinity.

The transplanted hair will fall out after a manual FUE hair transplant within a few weeks. However, it normally takes a few months before fresh hair growth starts. After six to twelve months, noticeable improvements are usually there, and as the transplanted hair grows, the results get better over time.

Your surgeon will give specific aftercare recommendations following a manual FUE hair transplant. These may contain instructions on how to look for the transplanted region, when to resume daily activities, and any drugs that have been prescribed. In order to promote good healing and the best outcomes, it is crucial to adhere to the following recommendations.

The effects of a manual FUE hair transplant are indeed thought to be permanent. The hormone DHT, which causes hereditary hair loss, seldom has an adverse effect on the transplanted hair follicles. It's crucial to remember that any hair loss that has already occurred may persist in regions that haven't had transplants, necessitating continued care or more treatments.