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Before And After Lip Lift In Turkey

Lip Lift Turkey – Lip Enhancement Plastic Surgery

Whenever thinking of making your lips look fuller, if that is one thing you’re passionate about, plumping products, lip fillers, and makeup techniques like overlining are amongst the most used tools. However, they are not the only solutions. As a matter of fact, right out from underneath, the lip lift in Turkey has turned into a widespread option.

What is a Lip Lift?

A lip lift is a surgical procedure whose goal is the reduction of the distance between the base of the nose, or columella, and the red upper lip line, or vermilion border. This space between the two has the tendency to extend as we age, though it can be genetically long in younger people.

The reduction of the height of the upper lip vertical height or philtrum can lead to a much more balanced proportion in the bony region between the chin and the base of the nose, and can generally enhance the facial aesthetics.

Who is a good candidate?

As a general standard, a lip lift is identified in those who have an elongated philtrum, bigger than 15 mm, and the goal is to reduce this height by about one-third. Such measurement, yet, may change from one individual to another and a detailed clinical evaluation is crucial. The personal facial features and measurements alongside the expectations the patient has establish the amount of lift necessary.

Patients who suffer from a long philtrum and have previously undergone lip enlargement with fillers might have suffered from the protrusion of the lip forward rather than a raising of red lip show- which is a condition otherwise known as duck lips. These patients can benefit from a subnasal lip lift and achieve a more natural upper lip. A surgical lip lift can persistently raise the vermillion show, raise the tooth display, and typically enhance the facial characteristics and give the lower face a youthful look.

Patients who suffer from symptoms of facial aging can also win from lip lift surgery. With aging come the changes in the mouth and lips, which include:

  • Loss of the upper lip volume
  • Decreasement of the vermillion border with a limited definition of the philtral columns and cupid’s bow
  • Bony calcification which leads to the lip looking less notable
  • Vertical prolongation of the upper lip complex
  • Perioral rhytids

Does the subnasal lip lift address the corner of the mouth?

A traditional surgical lip lift, referred to as subnasal, is quite efficacious in enhancing the central part of the upper lip, yet, it has little to no impact on the lateral part, at the level of the corner of the mouth. For those undergoing the procedure who are worried about the downturned mouth appearance, a corner lip lift might be a better alternative. A corner lift included the removal of a small amount of the skin from the corner of the mouth, with the final scar being unnoticeable and hidden at the linking point between the vermillion border and the skin. From time to time a classic surgical lip lift can be done in combination with a corner lip lift, for eligible patients.

How is the recovery after Lip Lift?

In the initial couple of days following the surgery, the cheek and the lip region will experience swelling. The swelling and discomfort can be from low to mild, and generally, the pain is managed with the use of over-the-counter painkillers. Very uncommonly patients need much stronger painkillers.

For the initial two days, it is recommendable to utilize ice packs at home and sleep with the head up supporting it with a few pillows. The next recommendation would be to consume a soft diet and it is quite helpful to use a straw when drinking water.

Any arduous activity such as exercise should be ceased for 14 days.

Upon discharge, you will be provided with an antibiotic-based ointment that can be applied to the suture line twice per day.

Following 24 hours after the surgery you will be able to wash the region with an antibacterial face wash, and then apply the ointment.

Once the sutures are removed, on the sixth or seventh day, the same aftercare will be continued for another week.

At the peak of 14 days after surgery, when the wound has fully dried and there is no presence of the scabs, the scars can be treated with massages and silicone therapy.

Silicone strips are favored, but if wearing the strips for several hours throughout the day is impossible, the solution can be a silicone-based gel, which is very efficacious. Massaging the region during the gel application will aid in flattening the scar long-term. The silicone therapy can be followed for as long as the scar is recovering and up to 3 months.

What about the scar quality?

Lip lift results are visible only 3 weeks following the surgery. The scar sits very well and continuously improves until it fully fades at the reach of a year. Observe the raised tooth display, red lip show, or the eminence of the cupid's bow and the conservation of the philtral columns.

The incision is carried out following the natural shadows and lines of the columella known commonly as the base of the nose, extending swiftly to the alar base folds. The scar is quite hidden and discreet and with the proper surgical method and aftercare followed it will become unostentatious in a couple of months.

Following the first period of wound healing and refining, the scar can be concealed with the use of makeup throughout social events, until it gradually fades away.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Surgery for blepharoplasty requires just minimal preparation. In contrast, it is advised that you stop taking any blood-thinning medications, including aspirin or ibuprofen, two weeks before surgery if you can do so.

No, even if you are awake, you shouldn't feel any of the actual procedure since you will receive a local anesthetic injection shortly before the process. The eyelids may first hurt or feel itchy, but after the injection, they will go numb.

The surgery is not considered painful, but if there is any discomfort pain killer medicine is provided to you. The eyelids can feel sore and painful but this will pass with time as it is considered a normal side effect. The doctor can also advise you to use lubrification eye drops several times during the day if your eyes start to feel dry.