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Before And After Neck Lift In Turkey

Neck Lift Turkey – Platysmaplasty Surgery Istanbul

The sagging and laxity that evolves with the aging process expresses itself as loose muscle and skin in the neck, often found under the name “turkey waddle”. For those patients looking for facial rejuvenation, neck muscle banding, and skin laxity, combined with necklines are an overriding priority. At Queen Clinic, based in Istanbul, Turkey, our cosmetic surgeons reach ideal results in neck lifting, in both terms of patient happiness and surgical results, via our information on the aging process of the neck and the employment of the most advanced surgical methods. The objective is the achievement of an enduring, aesthetically-pleasing, and youthful appearance.

What is Neck Lift?

The neck’s skin is fragile and needs a special amount of attention and care. With years, the skin loses its elasticity, leading to wrinkles and sagging, and the neck is frequently the very primer part of the body to show indications of aging. If this delicate region is neglected by not taking care of it, this will result in aggravating the problem.

Fortunately, there exists a treatment that is the perfect solution for the restoration of the clock on the aging neck. A neck lift, known in the medical field as rhytidectomy, is a surgical intervention that enhances noticeable signs of aging in the neck and jawline by eliminating fat and tightening the skin in this region.

A neck lift is an exquisite procedure if you are in search of hiding out some of the initial telltale indications of aging in the neck and jawline, including loose skin, creases, wrinkles, and sagging.

The pattern followed for a neck lift procedure is similar to a facelift, in that the underlying muscle and skin are pulled upward and on the rear side, and the additional skin is removed. The outcome is a defined, smooth and contoured neck.

Neck tightening is a great approach to dispose of jowls as it is the surplus fat and skin in the lower face that leads to undesired facial features.

The neck lift procedure can oftentimes be merged with a facelift, to attain a more improved outcome. It is also commonly used for patients who choose liposuction at the very same time as their neck lift. Additional fatty deposits under the chin can result in a double chin appearance. Liposuction can swiftly and suitably eliminate this displeasing fat. A chin tuck is a widespread addition when going through a neck lift surgery.

Why do people have it?

With aging comes the loss of the youthful contours of the neck and face. The process can be sped up by various elements including stress, genetics, and sometimes environmental conditions. Sagging or stretched neck skin is hardly likely to restore its natural position and generally, it cannot be fixed via exercise or diet. This is a general mistaken belief among people, and surgery might be the only approach to delivering your desired results.

You might take into account a neck lift procedure if you would like:

  • A more outlined neck profile
  • A steady, toned neck
  • The removal of drooping neck skin (turkey neck)
  • The reduction of a double chin or jowls
  • The targeting of stubborn regions of neck fat
  • The restoration of balance between the age of your neck and face
  • The enhancement of the overall appearance

Who is suitable?

Queen Clinic views you as fit for the procedure if you check all the bullet points below:

  • Good physical and mental health
  • Optimal body weight
  • Reasonable expectations of what can be achieved through the surgery
  • Looking to get rid of excess skin in the neck region
  • Looking to get rid of excess fat deposits in the neck region
  • Looking to enhance the form and contours of the neck and jawline
  • Looking for permanent results

Are my neck lift results permanent?

The results of the procedure are permanent and the difference should be noticeable for between 10 to 15 years. That being said, the aging process will restart from the new postoperative point, and skin laxity will gradually increase. The aging process will continue from a far better place nonetheless, so it should take a few years prior to this becoming visible again.

You can always avoid intrusion on your outcomes by ceasing over-the-top amounts of UV light exposure and keeping a stable weight.

The sun’s UV rays can be quite damaging to the skin. Too much exposure to the sun can speed up the aging process, resulting in more sagging skin and more wrinkles. To sustain the outcomes of your neck lift procedure for a longer period, our strong recommendation is to protect the neck area from the sun.

Drastic weight fluctuations should also be dodged as considerable weight loss gives permission for extra neck skin to be left behind. You should sustain a healthy and stable weight as feasible as possible. A non-surgical treatment including Ultherapy will assist in maintaining the results. Your surgeon will be the one deeming you as an eligible candidate or not.

Is a neck lift painful?

During the procedure, there will be no pain felt as it will be conducted under the administration of anesthesia. Following the procedure, however, you might feel slight discomfort or pain but they are quite tolerable and easily manageable. To help you, your surgeon will prescribe painkillers- though, after a few days after the surgery, they are no longer needed.

The pain degree depends entirely on the individual, meaning it changes from one to another. Most patients will suffer from swelling and soreness for a couple of days to a week after the procedure. The surgeon will additionally provide you with specific recommendations and guidelines to aid you in dealing with the discomfort and pain and speeding up your recovery.

Is neck lift safe?

Any surgery carries certain risks, which might involve infection, slow wound healing, allergic reactions to anesthesia, bleeding, and nerve injury. Neck lift surgery is a direct, secure surgery even though you must beware of all the complications and risks prior to undergoing the surgery. The surgeon will pass through these in-depth at your consultation.

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Surgery for blepharoplasty requires just minimal preparation. In contrast, it is advised that you stop taking any blood-thinning medications, including aspirin or ibuprofen, two weeks before surgery if you can do so.

No, even if you are awake, you shouldn't feel any of the actual procedure since you will receive a local anesthetic injection shortly before the process. The eyelids may first hurt or feel itchy, but after the injection, they will go numb.

The surgery is not considered painful, but if there is any discomfort pain killer medicine is provided to you. The eyelids can feel sore and painful but this will pass with time as it is considered a normal side effect. The doctor can also advise you to use lubrification eye drops several times during the day if your eyes start to feel dry.