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Hortensia Vaccarino, 20 hours ago

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I am very happy to share my experience at Queen Clinic in Istanbul. I came from Italy to undergo liposuction and could not be more satisfied with the results.

Olga Torelli, 4 days ago

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I had dental implants 6 months ago and I am very satisfied with the results. I had lost some teeth due to gum disease, and the dental implants restored my smile. I feel much more confident now when I smile.

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Before And After Breast Lift Surgery In Turkey

Breast Lift, Mastopexy In Turkey - Cosmetic Surgery In Turkey

Breast lift surgery or mastopexy in Turkey is a way of rectifying the drooping of the breasts that may be visible because of a wide range of factors. This might be owing to hormonal changes, childbirth, breastfeeding, genetic conditions, excessive weight gain, or simply, aging. If you find yourself ill at ease with this drooping appearance of your breasts, a breast lift in Turkey is precisely what you need.

What is Breast Lift Surgery?

A breast lift surgery, known also as a breast uplift, or mastopexy, is a chirurgical procedure aimed at the reshaping and/or lifting of breasts that hang low over the chest and have the preponderance of their volume at their base. It is a useful procedure in restoring firmer, more rejuvenated, and voluminous breasts.

Mastopexy, or breast lift procedure is optimum for those who are experiencing drooping or sagging breasts that have developed either with time by the reason of following a drastic weight loss, onset of age, or following childbirth and breastfeeding, or happen naturally because of basic genetics.

Breast lift surgery rebuilds the skin elasticity of the breast tissue by eliminating any additional drooping tissue in the breast and repositioning and reshaping the breast nipple and mound. At all times, the blood supply is preserved.

A minor “overcorrection” is generally conducted with the purpose of anticipating the breasts dropping into a much more natural placement as the swelling dissolves. The general effect created is a more “presumptuous” and youthful-looking breast which falls naturally and commensurately respecting the rest of the chest.

To make sure of the best probable outcomes, the doctor might also advise on a breast augmentation or reduction, to be conducted alongside your breast lift. This will be discussed more in-depth at your initial consultation.

Why do people have it?

Breast mastopexy can aid in increasing the self-love and self-esteem of those who have breasts hanging low over the chest and the majority of their breast volume at their base.

A breast lift surgery is the most efficacious and speedy procedure to rectify these signs and offers a more youthful and firm overall breast appearance.

Who is suitable?

Queen Clinic considers to be fit for the surgery, all individuals who check all the following ticks:

  • Mentally and physically fit and healthy
  • Fully developed breasts
  • Worried about the shape, size, or placement of at least one of their breasts
  • Have reasonable expectations of what can be reached by surgery

What does a Breast Lift involve?

Mastopexy, or breast lift surgery, is a trespassing chirurgical procedure that is conducted under the administration of general anesthesia and there are needed from 1.5 to 2 hours for its performance.

The final effect is the lifting of the breast position for the generation of a rejuvenated appearance of the breast. While there exist many methods that can be employed, relating most of them to the location of the incision, each of the methods involves an incision made in or around the breast the chirurgical excision of the extra tissue and skin, the reshaping of the breast mound and the lifting of the breast, and ultimately, but not necessarily, the repositioning of the nipple.

The procedure is typically performed in combination with a breast enlargement procedure to restore the ideal positioning and aesthetics of the breast post-operation.

To leave a completely functional and proportionate breast post-operation, hanging in the most regular position, the blood supply is preserved.

The recovery stage takes about 2 to 3 weeks, time through which our recommendation would be taking some time off work and reducing the physical movement, at least until the swelling has dissolved. Regular physical activity and exercise can be fully reverted in circa 6 weeks.

What to expect

The initial step for all our patients undergoing breast lift surgery is meeting with the surgeon we point to as the best suited for you and best placed to conduct your procedure, for a consultation.

During the consultation, you will be capable of discussing with the surgeon what you hope to achieve from the mastopexy procedure, alongside discussing in-depth what might or might not be possible given your breast anatomy, skin quality, and bone structure.

There will also take place a thorough discussion related to the risks and complications, as well as a discussion about the post-operative and recovery stage. There will be an evaluation of your fitness for surgery and your previous medical history or anamnesis will be recorded including any previous surgery you might have undergone, allergies, medications, etc.

If your surgeon deems you eligible for the surgery, you are then invited to think over whether you would like to go forward with the surgery or whether you would like to take a two-week period to “cool off”.

During this time you are welcome to drop by at any time to talk with your surgeon about your potential surgery as many times as you would like to.

Leading up to the procedure

Upon deciding to proceed with the procedure, the subsequent time you arrive at the office after the final consultation will be on the day of your procedure.

Prior to admission the below behavioral changes are advised/required:

  • For the 6 weeks prior to the surgery, we advise discontinuing smoking as patients who consume tobacco have a higher risk of healing slower and complications.
  • For the 7 days prior to the surgery, we advise ceasing the taking of Aspirin or any other medication that contains it.
  • For the 6 hours prior to the surgery, we advise not consuming any food or drink, other than really small sips of clear fluid including black tea, black coffee, or still water, which are permitted up to 2 hours before admission.

On the day

On the day of the surgery, we request that you come in for your admission an hour prior to the agreed start time of the surgery. At this junction a nurse will come up to you to record any vital and your blood pressure, as well as run any necessary tests. You will be meeting with your surgeon and anesthetist who will be the ones making the final mark-ups.

The procedure, per se, is unfolded under general anesthesia for one and a half and two hours. The procedure involves the positioning of an incision surrounding the nipple or under the breast, the placement and reshaping of the breast mound, and ultimately the re-suturing of the breast in a heightened position.

Once the procedure is over, you will have access to our ambulatory recovery rooms for about two to three hours. Following our nursing team's satisfaction with the initial recovery being complete, you will be able to return home safely. You will be enabled to leave the clinic only accompanied by a member of your family or a friend.

Treatment recovery

Following your arrival home you will have permission to approach our devoted on-call nursing team 24/7. This team of knowledgeable individuals is devoted to your recovery and comfort control and they are there at any moment to field any concerns you might have in the post-operative stage.  

Breast lift recovery is a straightforward procedure with close to no discomfort. But even in the event that you might feel any residual discomfort, it will subside in a couple of days. Patients have the ability to get back to their normal light routine and return to work a week or two following the surgery. The complete recovery process takes from 6 to 8 weeks. 

Our recommendation for patients is to take at a minimum a week off work while swelling has reached its peak. We request our patients to be considerate to their breast region throughout this time, and not try to do way too much too soon. Our next recommendation would be to avoid UV light for two to four weeks to assist in the scarring process.

We also request our patients that arrive at the clinic see our nursing team one week following the procedure to make sure that the incision sites have properly healed. At this point, our advice is to meet with one of our on-site aestheticians to talk about the ongoing treatment to support the recovery process.

Your results should be visibly clear at the 6-week mark. After the 6 weeks are over we ask that you return to the clinic to see your surgeon for a post-surgery final check-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ask A Question

Breast lift surgery, otherwise known as breast mastopexy, is an intervention during which the breasts are lifted and reshaped employing different methods to invigorate the appearance of saggy, empty, or low-hanging breasts. The lift of the breasts also indirectly lifts self-esteem.

Surgical mastopexy or breast lift is often performed with volume restoration using fat grafting (lipofilling) or implants to provide a simple alternative to restore perky, firm, rejuvenated breasts.

Queen Clinic deems you as an eligible candidate for a mastopexy or breast lift surgery if:

  • You are looking for a way to have firmer, lifted breasts because you have low-hanging or saggy breasts
  • You do not suffer from any disease or illness and are in good general physical (considering medical conditions such as diabetes and obesity can affect healing by delaying it)
  • You are in good psychological health and capable of making wise decisions in regard to the surgery
  • You recognize the complications, risks, and side effects that might follow the procedure including slow healing and scars that take a while to dissolve
  • You have realistic (reasonable and logical) expectations of what you might achieve with the surgery
  • You are pleased to abide by all postoperative guidelines offered by the surgeon
  • You are not a smoker

Mastopexy or breast lift surgery is conducted under the administration of a general anesthetic as day-case surgery. At the Queen Clinic, we use TIVA (total intravenous anesthesia), in order for you to wake up simply, quickly, and without any sickness induced. You will instantly be ready to go home. Though the pain is quite minimal to ease things up we will be giving you simple analgesics as a stand-by.

Yes, there are a variety of techniques used for a breast uplift, yet, fundamentally, throughout the surgery the breast tissue is replaced in a higher position as a solid mound, the nipples are put at the right level with matching areolas, and the extra additional skin is removed.

The surgery will always require a scar surrounding the areola which is the darker skin surrounding the nipple. This type of scar might be enough and adequate for a small breast lift, however, in most cases there is a necessity for a bigger amount of skin removal leaving a vertical scar right under the nipple and often another one, horizontal, in the crease beneath the breast. Such scars are on the underside of the breast and are consequently less noticeable. Undoubtedly they will be red, in the very beginning, but with Queen Clinic, scar treatment will little by little become unostentatious.

The precise breast lift procedure employed by the surgeon is dependent on the shape and size of your skin elasticity, breasts, the size of the areola, and the expected degree of the lift. Right before the procedure, the surgeon will mark up the breast lift on the skin in a standing position, determining the stance of the nipple on the lifted breast.


Indeed. There are numerous alternatives.

A breast lift without implants or mastopexy will provide you with a more youthful and natural breast shape by lifting the position of the nipple and getting rid of the extra skin. This intervention raises the nipple-areolar complex and recreates the natural breast tissue by aiding in the restoration of your breast to its younger perky position. A breast lift offers a chance in enhancing shape and symmetry. Needless to say, the rectification of droopiness is a substantial confidence push.

Numerous women who are in search of regaining their youthful appearance and correcting the effects of aging and childbirth, choose this surgery. The fact that the breast might look smaller after the procedure is simply an illusion considering only a small amount of skin tissue is eliminated. A breast lift surgery does little to nothing to breast volume.

Fat grafting or lipofilling to the breast will help lift the breasts similarly to implants but it has the extra benefit of that that the shape can be modified by the positioning of the fat. This is especially good for those looking to fill the upper breast restoring that fullness of youth and well-defined cleavage.

A breast uplift surgery or mastopexy procedure focuses more on re-shaping the volume you already have in your breasts, rather than reducing their volume. Typically, breast lift without implants leads to very small alterations in breast size and volume seeing as only a little amount of skin tissue is removed.

The main outcome of the breast lift surgery is a curved and perky breast with enhanced symmetry that will give you a younger appearance. In the event that the uplift is accompanied by a breast enlargement, then the cup will increase, obviously, in proportion to the size of the implant. In this regard, you will be guided by your surgeon.

Breast lift procedure with implants leads to a significant increment in breast volume and size. This will of course give you a much better cleavage when compared to the mastopexy procedure alone. A breast lift is the best alternative if you are looking for perkier round breasts.

The technique employed varies depending on the patient. This is frequently because of the size of the breasts, the age of the patient, the amount of breast issues that need removal as well as the end outcome the patient is searching for.

Four are the main kinds of breast lift surgery methods:

  • Crescent Lift – entails the removal of a crescent of skin at the very top of the nipple for the enhancement of the nipple position. Namely, the least invasive breast lift.
  • Benelli Lift – known in the medical field as the circumareolar it is mostly employed for a mild lift or a slight nipple asymmetry. To remove tissue there is made a doughnut-shaped incision surrounding the areola and then the skin is “purse-string” to tighten the breast skin. Though the procedure itself is much less invasive than a full mastopexy, it might lead to a fattening effect on the breasts.
  • Lollipop Lift – otherwise known as vertical scar mastopexy. Starting from the crease of the breast, vertically, an incision is made in the shape of a lollipop that surrounds the nipple. This is seen as an efficacious lift for women who experience low-hanging breasts.
  • Anchor Lift – used mainly for breast droops. In this case, too, a lollipop-shaped incision is made, but this incision will then travel along the breast fold, creating an anchor shape. Though it is the most invasive breast lift procedure, it is highly effective for those women who suffer from a long inframammary crease, which means in simpler terms, a distance from breast fold to nipple.

Breasts sag following weight loss seeing as the ligaments that normally support the breast and its skin have a limited capability of retracting as the fatty factor of the breast loses its volume.

By this point, the internal ligaments are highly overstretched and the skin envelope is larger in size. This effect can be formed by natural collagen levels and genetic variance in skin elasticity. Those patients who have, naturally, huge breasts, will experience more discomfort than those who have a flat chest considering there is a much bigger weight and more to sag. Childbirth can have the same impact. The solution would be the removal of the sagging skin by breast lift or mastopexy, or the increment of the volume through a breast enlargement or natural breast enlargement, or a mixture of both.

Our usual recommendation is for patients to be over the age of 18 prior to undergoing cosmetic breast surgery. The argument is that below 18 years old the breast might still be developing and, if the surgery happens too early, this development might end up necessitating more surgery later on. Moreover, psychological development is also not fully complete.

Yet, there are a few reasons as to why early intervention might be prudent. The breasts might be unequal in shape or size, very huge, or deformed, leading to psychological damage, which could only be deflected with the use of surgery. The most common deformity is known as tubular or conical breasts. On these events, the surgeon will most likely ask for confirmation from the psychologist, GP, and parent.

Following conventional methods, you should wait for a small rate of scarring. There are, undoubtedly, a variety of methods for a breast uplift procedure and the scars created depend entirely on the method utilized as well as the patient, the lifestyle, and ultimately, the level of ptosis of the breasts, otherwise known as droop. Usually, scarring should be expected surrounding the nipple, a scar across the natural fold under the breast, and a vertical scar that links the nipple scar to the breast fold scar.

Similar to any other surgery, a mastopexy or breast lift, necessitates a skin incision and will leave a scar. Though scarring will fade pleasingly over time, the final results cannot be promised by any surgeon. A patient’s inclination for proper healing is hereditary as well as depends entirely on the technique employed. Moreover, scars found on the outer side of the chest may have a huge tendency to stretch, while those near the middle of the chest might keloid. The reason why is that our surgeons try to maintain the scars small and short and toward the middle of the breast.

There exist other approaches when it comes to minimizing scars. Our surgeon’s advice is for patients to apply silicone gel or sheeting to the baby scars until they are full-blown. This can take from 3 months up to one year.

At Queen Clinic we provide our patients with the Queen Clinic Scar Program, a program that makes sure that your scars are properly healing. Go right ahead and contact us for a consultation to review the scar aftercare program with one of our knowledgeable doctors. We put to use a wide range of treatments such as specialized lasers.

Our skills imply that we see patients from anywhere else who have issues of size and shape adding to shabby scars and these patients might need to undergo an intervention.